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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  May 17, 2019 1:37am-2:13am PDT

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no 11:00, celebration tonight, why coach kurt said
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the warriors stole tonight's game. incredible video shows in a fighter jet plunges out of the sky in southern california tonight. the decision that likely saved lives. plus, the sats new adversity score grades a student social and economic background. the question is, will it help or hurt their chances of getting into college. showers heading down to the bay area tonight but we are not in the clear yet. when more rain returns to the forecast. good evening i am elizabeth kerr. >> what a finish for the warriors tonight. we have live team coverage for you with sports director dennis o'donnell on the comeback when at oracle arena. dennis, they did it again. >> wow, fans can breathe a sigh of relief after tonight. kenny bourland had a golden opportunity to tie the series. they led by 17 points and it was up to the warriors defense to save the day and they did. seth curry played well against his brother, even if you steels
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. warriors had a one point lead with about 15 seconds to go and draymond green put the warriors at three. they had a chance to tie it but andre iguodala staved the day with this deal on damien lillard. they hold on for dear life, they lead the series two games to one, steve kerr was not impressed by the wind. >> steve, you feel like you dodged a bullet there tonight? >> totally, we stole that game. i thought they outplayed us for much of the night. the majority of them. but we brought enough competitive fire in the second half to overcome their great play. >> in a seven-game series teams that go down to games to none lose 93 % of the time. games three and four in
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portland. >> those teams did have damien lillard on them so we will see how that works out. thanks, dennis. let's pass it over to kpix 5's kristin ayres. electrifying as usual, but especially after tonight's thriller finish. >> reporter: especially towards the end of that third quarter the fans were stretched -- stressed out, it was a nailbiter down to the wire. for those who came to see a contest between the curries were not disappointed. >> a celebration tonight after a tight game that had voyeur spans holding their breath. >> how are you feeling towards the end? >> scared. >> i never had any doubt they would come back and win. >> from the nosebleeds to the vip interest warriors fans witnessed game two of a perfect storm and basketball. seth curry against his own brother. on the court they
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battled it out. >> seth curry played amazing tonight. i couldn't imagine how their parents had to react in that game. >> it was cool seeing them both guard each other. >> staff had a few steels on seth, it was a good battle, i really enjoyed it. a great game. >> damien lillard, never quite caught fire during day one was stronger tonight. his former coach caught up with lillard before the game. >> he said i'm going to be a little more aggressive tonight. >> that he was, but in the end it was not enough to take the warriors down. vance admitted it is tough cheering against an oakland native. >> it's tough because it, it's homegrown. we love to see a guy from the bay area be successful but at the same time i want to put my love for oakland aside for the greater good. >> i get game one, he deserves one. but not here on our home court.
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>> reporter: now it is on to portland and the team is going to be up against what will be some very loud fans who have paid some very high prices for those tickets. this is the first time in 19 years at the trailblazers have come this far in the playoffs and you better believe it is going to be a loud game. >> portland is a great town, it will be a great matchup. thanks, kristin. switching gears, dark clouds tonight from our tower camera. the rain is on the way out in the bay area at least for tonight but not for too long. >> a stormy pattern in may, maybe one storm, two storms in a normal may, we will have a series of storms. the first ending now. we are seeing one or two more showers at their, one is passing over the oakland hills at oracle arena. we have a few showers heading towards danville. things wrapping up, tomorrow mornings commute should be cloudy but rain free. by
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saturday morning 11:00 it is raining everywhere in the bay area. the rain will be hard to shake as we roll through the weekend. winter storm warning continues, heavy snowfall falling of 16-20 inches there in the mountains and more rain heading towards us. we will talk about how much rain to expect in the 7-day forecast with changes on a third storm coming up. this just in, moments ago taiwan's legislature approved same-sex marriage, a first for asia taiwan's constitutional court ruled that same-sex couples have the right to marry. the legislature had until may 24 to pass the changes. tonight we are learning more about that f-16 fighter jet that fell out of the sky and right through the roof of a warehouse in southern california. reporter nicole comstock with the incredible video inside the warehouse and why what happened
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is being called a miracle. >> reporter: full of adrenaline, a marino valley warehouse employee runs around the corner to find a fighter jet that fell out of the sky and crashed through the roof. >> a military airplane in our building. >> he was reporting the still smoking wreckage. >> the turbines were spinning, there was no roof on the building so you are looking through the roof, the walls are gone. it shook the whole building. >> the impact injured a handful in employees knocking one off of and airlift. >> it was full of concrete dust. >> out of the 12 patients tweeted, none of them were seriously injured. >> that is pretty remarkable. >> somehow the pilot was able to safely eject using a parachute to land in a nearby field which witnesses say he walked away from himself. >> our prayers are with the soul pilot on board. >> the military held a conference explained that the f- 16 fighting falcon was assigned to the national guards 144th
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fighter wing from south dakota. the pilot was stationed here at march a reserve bates base. they reported it was initially carrying information and explosives potential. as to what caliber of danger crews faced trying to remove the death -- jet they evacuated dozens of businesses and shut down the freeway in both directions in the metro lane. the damage certainly could have been worse. >> 10 minutes before we were transferring supplies for the plane hit. >>'s employees got a call to come inside that likely saved lives. >> that actually is a miracle. >> for sure. that was call contact reporting. a hydraulic failure on that f-16 led to the crash. tonight some dangerous criminals off the streets in alameda counties. s.w.a.t.
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teams sweeping across the east bay in a major push to end gang violence. >> authorities believe three e. bay gangs come together what they are calling a super cell to wage war on their rivals. kpix 5 takes us inside those raids. veronica . >> liz and ken, u.s. marshals, the fbi, and atf joined other agencies in this morning's massive roundup all part of the operation sees file to and a cycle of violence. the team was sent out to execute search warrants in six cities, oakland, san leandro, hayward, vallejo, antioch, and richmond . today's show of force resulted in 16 arrests. the investigation began last fall, more than two dozen people were arrested before today's raids. they are accused of home, auto, and marijuana dispensary robberies throughout the bay area. these are some of these weapons seized. at least two dozen including modified assault pistols hidden
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behind the wall of a home in east oakland. please say gunz sees in this investigation was connected to 17 shootings. the children were removed from the home where weapons were found. >> anytime the innocence is having to experience police coming into their homes is frightening. that is always troubling. >> the message is very clear that we are not trying to eradicate gangs, we are just trying to eliminate gang violence. >> police say most of the suspects targeted this morning are now in custody. a number still remain at large. tonight fremont police are on the hunt for a suspect with a tattoo that it's hard to miss. take a close look, 31-year-old antonio harris, a food delivery worker has two large god tattoos across his four head. police say back in march he got
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frustrated at the time it took to get food at denny's. a customer stepped in. police say they got into a fight. most of the other man's teeth were knocked out and harris fled the scene. >> hear something that think about as you are sitting at home watching us tonight. new numbers show a shocking rise in the number of people who are homeless in the shadow of silicon valley. kpix 5 marianna medina is in san jose. >> it's a number in san jose cannot be proud of. a new survey shows the homeless population has increased 42 % in just the last two years. today the city now has more than 6000 people without a home. >> it's exploded. >> robert to be reset in just the last year and a half the homeless population in japan town has kept growing. >> we are not reducing homelessness because as quickly as we are able to house one individual three more people are being pushed outside. >> a new federal survey said that santa clara county has seen a 31 % increase in
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homelessness from 7394 in 2017 to 9706 with most of the people living right here in san jose where the homeless population jumped 42 % from 4350 two years ago to 6172. >> we are losing the battle in the war when it comes to housing. >> homeless advocate belief county and city leaders can do more. >> these numbers will prove it, numbers don't lie. >> they are at sam accardo does not disagree. he described the report as a call to action to change their approach and double down in the solutions that are working. while asking residents to also change their not in my neighborhood attitude. >> the only way we solve this is by embracing the responsibility we all have. >> the mayor said the city and county have added more than 7000 low income housing but that more temporary housing needs to be built. in san jose, kpix 5. coming
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up, the sats secret new a diversity score that grades students on their upbringing. will it help level the playing field? >> a big proportion of those immigrants must come in through merit and skill. >> the president lays out his new point system for immigrants. why democrats say it does not add up. the chp is on high alert in a snowy sierra cracking down on drug big rig drivers. ♪
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new at 11:00, high school students who take the sats will not just be getting a test score, they will also be getting what is being called an adversity score. kpix 5's kitty nielsen live in san francisco to explain what this means. katie. >> reporter: that new score is going to be based on the social and economic background of the students. the goal is to have that ready to roll out by next year. but some students we talked with today are questioning whether that score will do more to help or hurt them. >> growing up in the bay san francisco and is a first in his family to go to college. he is one of the almost 50 students recognized during tonight's san francisco achievers award ceremony. >> it means a lot not just me but my family. >> in the future all students taking the sats would receive an adversity score from a college board which captures social and economic backgrounds and is calculated using 15 factors. that score is then
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sent to colleges along with the application. >> just because we are from a certain area, because we look a certain way, because we are a certain race, certain economic status, now we have to have benefits, we cannot do it on our own. >> san francisco achievers are dedicated to supporting african- american students who want to go to college and the executive director said he understands the concerns. >> with all the different scandals going on in the news about college admissions, i can understand how some of the students would feel offended and trade. >> in a statement the college boards ceo said the score is supposed to shine a light on students who have demonstrated resourcefulness to overcome challenges and achieve more with less and could shine a light on students who would otherwise be overlooked. something john sasaki from the oakland unified school district says is needed for many of their students. >> give kids who may become from disadvantaged circumstances a little bit of a push to get into a school they
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want to go to. >> raheem said he should be able to apply on his own merits. >> if they looked at me, who i was as an actual student, they would be very impressed. >> he is actually heading to dillards university in the fall. many of the critics of the system say there begets concern is the fact that these scores will not be shared with students, they will only be shared with the colleges. live in san francisco, katie nelson, kpix 5. what do you think about all this? in our facebook poll, 26 % of you say great idea. but 74 % say it's really not fair. >> president trump unveils his sweeping immigration overhaul today with changes favoring immigrants skills over there family ties. >> if you want to become an american citizen, it will be clear exactly what standard we ask you to achieve.
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it will be made crystal clear. >> the proposal emphasizes new security measures at the border but most notably a merit-based selection process for legal immigrants. the president's plan would favor younger immigrants with specific skills or higher education who can speak english and has a civics exam for the current system admits mostly people with relatives already in the united states. some democrats say it just doesn't add up. >> are they saying most of the people that would come to the united states in the history of our country are without merit because they don't have an engineering degree? >> this sham proposal is dead on arrival. neither donald trump's grandfather nor my father would be able to come to america under this proposal. >> another point of contention, it does not address the nation's 11 million dreamers brought to the u.s. illegally either parents.
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white house spokesperson sarah sanders says it is because the issue is too divisive. one more note, tomorrow a federal judge in oakland will hear arguments for a preliminary injunction blocking the presidents national emergency declaration. the plan would divert federal funding to border role -- border wall construction. a look now at the snowy conditions on interstate 80 in the sierra. drivers should be on high alert on the increase of big rig drivers using pot. >> trucker nicole martinez takes his job seriously and says he was surprised by a recent chp facebook post. chp daughter pass office says it is seeing a growing number of commercial drivers using marijuana and getting behind the wheel. >> they think they can smoke marijuana or eat edibles and drive. but the case is, if you are under the influence you are going to get arrested.
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>> the chp does not have data but says it is starting to see a trend. the donner pass office recently made this facebook post showing a truckers dog now in the hands of animal control because the driver was arrested for dui. accused of using marijuana and driving. >> in the case of the last driver it was pretty easy. he came in and he smelled like one -- by -- like marijuana a lot. he admitted to smoking marijuana about 20-30 minutes prior. >> these people are morons. as you can clearly see we drive a big rig tractor-trailer, 18 wheeler, it's not time to be messing around. you had to be clean and sober all the time. >> under federal law possessing marijuana and eight federal check is in the league -- is illegal. some truckers say when you have 80,000 pounds of rig in your hands you need to be fully in control at all times. >> active be on your p's and
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q's, this job ain't no joke. of course a quick reminder, to hands on the steering wheel, the roads will be wet tomorrow in the morning. please be safe for you and those around you. still a few showers, yandel getting a few showers. that is just about it. the radar is clearing out we get a dry day tomorrow. saturday, not so much. san francisco 54 and cloudy emma concord 54, sanford 51. we will stay right around these temperatures for the next several hours. sunrise before 6:00 now 5:58. let's fast forward to the weekend. beta breakers it running in the rain. your race time temperatures 53 degrees. active storm track, one star moving out and another moving in. all of that typical in january, february, march. less so in april and even less in may. the storm tracker is moving in
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the next storm is already on approach. future cast tomorrow morning cloudy but dry, tomorrow afternoon should be beautiful to get outside. chilly and breezy but sunny, the most pleasant day saturday. the rain is almost by san jose 9:00 in the morning. what throughout the afternoon, tapers off in the evening heard scattered showers continuing through 9:00 and 8:00 in the morning. try and chilly. rain is back, a couple emails asking about weddings, i strongly suggest they be indoors. 60s tomorrow with sunshine. not even 60 degrees in san francisco. chilly but dry tomorrow, more wet saturday did a good chunk of sunday will be dry and showers may continue monday and tuesday. a wet pattern for the month of may. tonight's very dedicated san jose sharks fans
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welcome back everybody, the warriors announced kevin durant will not play in games three and four of the series. that's okay, the brothers combining for 61 points tonight. a little brotherly love, giving seth a tap and leaving at half court. seth got them back. not down to three with a 17 point lead. portland may twice as many shots from downtown. third-quarter warriors ratchet up the defense. harasses damien lillard into a turnover. the warriors down just 11 and they completed the come back later in the quarter. blaine for the three and the 7- 75 lead, they outscore them in
2:04 am
that quarter. seven to go, 111-110 lead. 16 off the bench and far from downtown. mom and dad loving it. warriors up one, seth to tremont , draymond green locks down the defense. portland had a chance to tie at the end. damien lillard was on and island and andre iguodala stole the basketball. lasers did not even get a shot out. they survive 114-111, they take a series league. seth scoring one more than his little brother. >> he played well but we won. >> the games for the passing years, i feel like i know some things they like to do and what he likes to do but it wasn't enough. >> as an outsider looking in i really don't give a . i hope seth mrs. every shot gets
2:05 am
destroyed by seth -- staff. he had too good of a game
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chris bassett, eight scoreless innings for the third inning there goes dirksen, in his first career grand slam up 6-0. sixth inning more runs. a triple shy of the cycle. they go 17-3. special circumstances for arthritis, he shot a 5/75.
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master champ tiger woods one over par when he got to the fourth, long pet for evil, he buried it. woods in the figures but cannot make a par putt to save his life. finishes his round two over. bruce castanet shot seven under 63.
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